February update

We said goodbye to Dennis at the end of January. Dennis left us with a beautifully catalogued set of data on German translations of the Craving Experience Questionnaire and the Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire. Jon May and I shall be finishing writing these up and submitting for publication soon.

Lloyd, Despina and Kirsten are busy juggling many projects at once, including testing Joana’s ‘projected acrylic counsellor’ as an intervention for increasing physical activity, and investigating the impact of Diego Marañon’s vibrating suit on food cravings.

festschrift-photoJon and Marina are analysing data on mental imagery in dance, and Jackie is in various discussions about CPD (continuing professional development) workshops on Functional Imagery Training. Jackie has just returned from Leicester, where she gave a talk on Implicit and explicit memory mechanisms during general anaesthesia at a festschrift for clinical psychologist Michael Wang, who has been a leading figure in research on the psychological impact of accidental awareness during general anaesthesia.

Georgia, Ali and Paige have finished collecting data for their project to find the best way of inducing craving for alcohol in the lab, and Simone and Lauren are just starting testing participants in their project on sensory imagery manipulations of craving. Both are using the virtual reality headset to display the 360 degree immersive video of a student bar that we filmed during induction week. Lloyd and I ran a demonstration of the video and headset during the last applicant day. We all had our photo taken so I can make a ‘motivation lab’ poster for future applicant days. Thanks everyone who could be there!

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