New publications and a new team member

We have had a small flurry of manuscripts accepted in the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to Christine Boomsma for publishing some of her PhD research on the role of mental imagery in motivating pro-environmental behaviours:

  • Boomsma, C., Pahl, S., & Andrade, J. (in press, 2016). Imagining Change: An integrative approach towards explaining the motivational role of mental imagery in pro-environmental behaviour. Frontiers in Psychology: Environmental Psychology section. Manuscript ID: 224650.

Further congratulations to Queensland PhD students Jason Coates and Sophie Parham for publishing their work developing better measures of craving and motivation. Jason’s MACE questionnaire came about because the drug and alcohol clinic, where his supervisor Jason Connor works, wanted a shorter scale to give patients at the start of treatment. The MACE provides a quick measure of alcohol craving that captures the key elements of EI theory – craving imagery and intrusiveness as well as intensity – and predicts lapse and dropout from treatment. Sophie Parham’s paper reports an application of the Motivational Thought Frequency scale to diabetes self-management, building on work by Nicole Robinson that I wrote about here.

  • Coates, J.M., Gullo, M.J., Feeney, G.F.X., Kavanagh, D.J., Young, R. McD., Dingle, G.A., May, J. Andrade, J., Statham, D.J., & Connor, J.P. (in press, 2016). The Mini Alcohol Craving Experience questionnaire: Development and clinical application. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Researchclick here to download
  • Parham, S.C., Kavanagh, D.J., Gericke, C.A., King, N., May, J., & Andrade, J. (2016, in press). Assessment of motivational cognitions in diabetes self-care: The Motivation Thought Frequency Scales for Glucose Testing, Physical Activity and Healthy Eating. International Journal of Behavioral Medicineclick here to download


Our new team member is Dennis Diatel from Germany. Dennis has just submitted his Masters thesis (an EEG study of distributive justice) in Psychology at Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. He joins us for a four month placement funded by the Erasmus scheme. Dennis will be translating our questionnaires, including the MACE and MTF, into German and testing them in German populations. Welcome!

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