New publications and a new team member

We have had a small flurry of manuscripts accepted in the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to Christine Boomsma for publishing some of her PhD research on the role of mental imagery in motivating pro-environmental behaviours: Boomsma, C., Pahl, S., & Andrade, J. (in press, 2016). Imagining Change: An integrative approach towards explaining the motivational… Continue reading New publications and a new team member

Off the Lip 2016

Off the Lip 2016 was an event organised by fellows of the CogNovo project. Cognovo is an EU funded project based in Plymouth but with a global network of partners, bringing together expertise across arts, sciences and humanities to explore creativity. Off the Lip demonstrated some of the weird and wonderful creations produced as part of serious research… Continue reading Off the Lip 2016