New team members

New to Plymouth Motivation Lab this year are three placement students, Lloyd Taylor, Despina Djama and Kirsten marina-khalil-sept-2016-croppedWoodman. Welcome! They will be working with Jon May, Jackie Andrade and Marina Khalil.

Marina completed her MSc Health Psychology dissertation on health practitioners’ responses to Functional Imagery Training, and helped create this website to introduce FIT. Marina is now working as a research assistant on Jon’s project, In the Dancer’s Mind.

Despina Djama


Despina is leading our project on craving for social media, testing if craving to respond to Facebook notifications, for example, resembles craving for substances like tobacco and alcohol.





Kirsten Woodman


Kirsten is leading our development of an immersive 360 degree film to induce alcohol craving,





Lloyd Taylor

and Lloyd is our technical lead, developing a self-help FIT website and creating avatars for a virtual reality bar scenario that is being created by Mark Cooper in our technical office.


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