Measuring motivation

Elaborated Intrusion theory predicts that desire will involve image-based elaboration of intrusive thoughts, whether it is desire for an immediate reward or desire to achieve a longer term goal. We developed the Craving Experience Questionnaire to assess intensity, imagery, and intrusiveness aspects of desires for immediate rewards. Now we have developed scales for measuring these aspects of motivation, that is, desire to achieve a goal. There are two scales: the Motivational Thought Frequency scale which measures how often different cognitions occur, and the State Motivation Scale which measures how strongly the person wants to achieve the goal at this moment. We are evaluating these scales for a range of target behaviours including alcohol control, physical activity, healthy eating, and diabetes self-management. Congratulations to Nicole Robinson, PhD student at Queensland University of Technology, who has just published her work with these scales in relation to abstention from alcohol. Nicole’s paper is available here: doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2016.02.038

Nicole's MTF paper

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