A training package for FIT

Marina close up Interesting discussion yesterday with Marina Khalil about the project she will run for her Masters placement in Plymouth from May to August. Marina completed a year’s placement with us, learning how to deliver Functional Imagery Training and developing scripts focused on motivating people to reduce unhealthy snacking. She tested the impact of FIT on snacking for her final year BSc project, which has just been published as a paper in Appetite (see my last blog).

As the evidence base for FIT increases, it is becoming more urgent to train others in delivering the intervention. Marina will help to develop training materials that will illustrate the different elements of FIT and show the ways in which it is similar to, and different from, other interventions that healthcare professionals might already be using. We shall be developing a training manual, sample FIT scripts, and a website with video and audio clips as well as links to published papers. Marina’s dissertation research will explore the reactions of healthcare professionals to this training package.

If you are reading this, are working in a relevant healthcare setting (obesity, drug and alcohol, physical fitness) and would like more information about FIT training, please contact me at jackie.andrade – at – plymouth.ac.uk


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